Helicopter Experience in Mykonos

Have you always wanted to fly a helicopter? We provide the most reliable and safe helicopter services. Experience a helicopter ride in Mykonos with us.

Our company offers you the opportunity to fly over some of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades. You will be able to discover places inaccessible by any other means with our helicopter in Mykonos. For sure, a helicopter ride is an ideal choice to admire the Greek islands from above. You can shoot the natural beauty of each island, view incredible beaches, villages, archaeological sites and many other beautiful places that you will remember forever.

Ask us to provide you with information and all options according to the available time you have and be sure that the group of professionals in the organization of Sightseeing Flights will arrange you an unforgettable helicopter experience in Greece.



Boat Trips in Mykonos

Treat yourselves to fabulous vacations with our boat trips in Mykonos.  We know how to organize your dream holidays and realize your wishes. Experience the beauty of nature and enjoy the best quality service with your family or friends. Explore the Mykonos and other Greek islands on a private boat trip, as no one else has.



Traditional Cooking Classes in Mykonos

Have you always wanted to cook like a Greek? With our cooking classes in Mykonos you can learn all the secrets about the Mediterranean Diet.

In fact, we base our meals on authentic recipes and using fresh ingredients from the Greek land, our professional chefs will take you on a unique journey of flavours and traditions.

Experience the traditional Greek gastronomy and learn to create fresh meals. Join our cooking classes and get the chance to learn new Greek recipes. We cover a range of services including Cooking Classes in Mykonos, Private Cooking Classes, Private and Chef Culinary Events.

Get a break from the ordinary activities and learn to cook like a local in Mykonos and take this experience home with you.



Private Transfers in Mykonos

Stay safe on the road with our private transfers in Mykonos.

We can take care of confidently and professionally of any VIP transfer. In fact, to cover every privacy we  process each customer in a direct and effective manner. We provide services to and from the airport and around the island of Mykonos.

It is highly important that we provide you with a 24 Hour coverage and 7 Day per week, in any area of Mykonos and the Greek islands.



Massage in Mykonos

Surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere, soft and relaxing music you will enjoy our massage retreat.

Restore balance, increase energy and make your holidays unforgettable with a unique Massage Experience in any of the Greek islands.



Food Hamper in Mykonos

Arriving late to your villa in Mykonos? During the time that the shops are closed? We wouldn’t want you to rush out and do the shopping. Book a food hamper and find the indispensable in the villa at your arrival.

Food Hamper can be delivered directly to the villa upon arrival.


55 / Once / Per Accommodation

Meal catering in Mykonos

Meals are a great part of your vacation in Mykonos. And we can simply make it perfect. Though the villas are fully equipped with kitchenette, we can make it easier for you. Our beautiful catering service is for meals, either lunch or brunch, by the pool or in the garden, for dinners and lunches, for special events.

You’ll have a menu with the meals you can choose. They are prepared by our professional chefs and will be delivered directly to the villa at the appointed time. The dishes can be agreed upon directly with the catering service.

The price you pay now covers pre-ordering a time slot for chefs. You’ll be able to choose dishes and discuss all the menus later.


20 / Per Day / Per Accommodation

Baby sitter in Mykonos

Are you looking for babysitting services in Mykonos?

Let your children have the best vacation and let yourself relax. Have your own, personal free time, while our babysitters take care of your children. We have a lot of interesting things the kids can do – playing, swimming, cooking, etc.

At our villas, it is possible to request the services of a qualified babysitters who can look after your children on those tours, excursions, which are not suitable for them, or simply for a romantic evening out with your loved one.


23 / Per Day / Per Guest

Weddings Events in Mykonos

A special service who those who want to spend special days at special places in Mykonos. Let us arrange your birthday or family reunion, wedding event or any other special day with first hand on advice on suitable properties, areas and activities for a large group in our villas. Each villa comes with an open air space for celebrating.

Celebrate your wedding in a beautiful place near the ocean, a perfect setting to enjoy family and friends in Mykonos. You may also have an intimate blessing in the private chapel of the Villa in Mykonos – is this what you have been always dreaming about? Drink a glass of Greek wine around the pool and have a typical Greek dinner.

We arrange all types of luxury and small weddings in the Greek islands. Wedding planner and catering services upon request.


250 / Once / Per Accommodation

Car rental in Mykonos

Your personal car rental service in Greece helps you get the advantage of travelling conveniently around the countryside and getting to the nearby cities as well.

In addition to a wide variety of cars you can choose, we also provide comprehensive car rental deals to suit your needs and budget throughout your stay, no matter how many days you stay.

As there are a lot of interesting sports activities in different areas, rent a car and drive to enjoy sports in the surrounding area such as skiing, hiking, and fishing.


50 / Per Day / Per Accommodation