Plan a luxury boat trip from Mykonos to Delos and explore the secret beaches and the mythology of the Cyclades.

Mykonos along with Delos, Rhenia and some other rocky islets form a single island complex are ideal for a private boat trip in Mykonos. Visiting these islets is a “must” for someone new to the island.

Both the historical archaeological site of Delos and the unforgettable beaches of Rhenia are the destinations that will satisfy even the most demanding visitors in Greece.

Recommended Schedule

Our boat trip from Mykonos to Delos starts from Ornos.

Within a short and enjoyable boat trip, we reach the small port of Delos, from which you can see the ancient monuments of the island by sea.

According to Mythology, Delos was the holy island for Ancient Greeks. This islasd was revealed through the waves of the Aegean Sea by Poseidon. This was when Leto, persecuted by Hera, arrived in Delos to give birth to Apollo and Artemis. It is possible to organize guided tours by professional guides, so you can find out more about its rich and impressive historical events over the centuries.

We leave Delos and head for the nearby island of Rhenia. In antiquity, when the Athenians imposed clearance on the island of Delos, ordering not to give birth or die on the holy island, Rhenia was transformed into a vast necropolis. At the same time, the island was also a sanatorium, where all severely illed people were no longer allowed to remain in Delos.

Today, Rhenia is a true paradise on earth. This unforgettable island possesses virgin beaches with crystal blue waters that magnetize anyone who is fortunate to see them. The most famous one is Skinos, known as “Blue Lacuna”.

Here, you will have the time to swim in the crystal clear waters and sunbathe on the beautiful golden sandy beach. Otherwise, you can stroll around the coast or enjoy your stay on the boat with the drink and snack that we will serve you.

If you prefer an all-day cruise, we will also be able to visit some other beaches of Rhenia such as Lygia, Glyfada, Strada, Lia and Ambelia, which stand out for their unique beauty.

On our return to Mykonos, in the afternoon, you will enjoy the sunset at sea.