Plan a luxury boat trip from Mykonos to Delos and explore the secret beaches and the mythology of the Cyclades.

Mykonos along with Delos, Rhenia and some other rocky islets form a single island complex are ideal for a private boat trip in Mykonos. Visiting these islets is a “must” for someone new to the island.

Both the historical archaeological site of Delos and the unforgettable beaches of Rhenia are the destinations that will satisfy even the most demanding visitors in Greece.

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Our boat trip from Mykonos to Delos starts from Ornos.

Within a short and enjoyable boat trip, we reach the small port of Delos, from which you can see the ancient monuments of the island by sea.

According to Mythology, Delos was the holy island for Ancient Greeks. This islasd was revealed through the waves of the Aegean Sea by Poseidon. This was when Leto, persecuted by Hera, arrived in Delos to give birth to Apollo and Artemis. It is possible to organize guided tours by professional guides, so you can find out more about its rich and impressive historical events over the centuries.

We leave Delos and head for the nearby island of Rhenia. In antiquity, when the Athenians imposed clearance on the island of Delos, ordering not to give birth or die on the holy island, Rhenia was transformed into a vast necropolis. At the same time, the island was also a sanatorium, where all severely illed people were no longer allowed to remain in Delos.

Today, Rhenia is a true paradise on earth. This unforgettable island possesses virgin beaches with crystal blue waters that magnetize anyone who is fortunate to see them. The most famous one is Skinos, known as “Blue Lacuna”.

Here, you will have the time to swim in the crystal clear waters and sunbathe on the beautiful golden sandy beach. Otherwise, you can stroll around the coast or enjoy your stay on the boat with the drink and snack that we will serve you.

If you prefer an all-day cruise, we will also be able to visit some other beaches of Rhenia such as Lygia, Glyfada, Strada, Lia and Ambelia, which stand out for their unique beauty.

On our return to Mykonos, in the afternoon, you will enjoy the sunset at sea.


The Small Cyclades are located to the south-east of Naxos and present the less developed part of the Cyclades.

This has the effect of preserving their authenticity and being a pole of attraction for all those who are looking to find something different on their holidays, but also for those who wish to experience the true authenticity of the Cyclades.

Their paradise beaches are almost all sandy, creating a unique puzzle of exotic colors. Taking only 1.30 hours to reach from Mykonos, it is an excellent one-day excursion!

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On this boat trip to Koufonisia we depart from Ornos in Mykonos heading south-east for about an hour and a half to the destination.

 Koufonisia is a complex of 2 islets (Upper and Lower), being a part of the Small Cyclades. We first approach Ano Koufonisi. Along the coastline, we will encounter many small coves and rock caves that offer the possibility of diving. We will be on the beaches of Gala and Pori, which are famous among surf enthusiasts. Continuing further we will find ourselves in “the Pool” or vastly known as “the Devil’s eye”. It is a natural hole in the rock, which creates a natural swimming pool. Very few visitors resist the temptation for a dive! Then we reach the port of Chora, which places the typical Cycladic calcareous houses of an amateur architecture that cannot be seen anywhere else.

We continue our boat tour to Kato Koufonissi is uninhabited. It has a lacy shoreline, creating small bays with blue-green waters; pictures that you think have sprung from a painting. The scenery is enchanting! You can swim in the crystal clear waters, sunbathe on the finest golden sand, stroll around the coast and enjoy your stay on the boat with the drink and snack we will offer you.

Schinousa is the next island we visit. The small island of ship-owners and captains, in a small enclosed bay, is the small picturesque harbor that has only 2-3 traditional Cycladic taverns, where you can taste the local cuisine, if you wish.

Last, we approach the island of Heraklia, which is the westernmost point of the Small Cyclades. It has virgin beaches with crystal clear waters. But what impresses is the wreck we are going to visit. These are the remains of the German seaplane, which is only submerged at 11 m below and is visible with a mask. Impressive for those who love snorkeling!


Let’s explore Mykonos together on a luxury boat trip.

A known myth that exists about Mykonos is that under its imposing rocky formations, the legendary Giants are buried that were killed by Hercules during the Great Fight of Giants “Gigantomachy”. These rocks create a particular geographical relief, which is influenced by the winds blowing in the area, known as “annual winds” or “meltemia”. This results in the southern beaches being protected from the winds, and thus attracting visitors to the island.

The beaches of Mykonos are totally intertwined with the island’s global reputation, as both quality and number are something you do not encounter on any other island of the Cyclades. Psarou, Platis Gialos, Kalo Livadi, Paraga, Super Paradise are some of those beaches that are indissolubly linked to the most beautiful memories of those who visited Mykonos. They feature plenty of restaurants, clubs, open beach bars, hosting numerous celebrities from around the world.

The southern coastline has stunning beaches that are accessible only by boat, making it ideal for swimming, relaxation and private fun. The culmination of this beauty is the deserted Dragonissi, located near the south eastern coast of Mykonos.

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Your luxury boat trip around Mykonos starts from Ornos.

Moving from west to east on the south coast of Mykonos, we visit the world-famous beaches such as Psarou, Platis Gialos, Paradise, Super Paradise, Paranga, Kalo Livadi, Kalafatis.

On the beaches we find famous beach bars, restaurants, clubs, some of which have marinas and access points so it is easy to make a stop to have your coffee or a drink while enjoying the entertainment that Mykonos is famous for.

In case you want moments of relaxation, you can swim in quiet bays and small beaches, enjoying the amenities on our boat.

Experience the excellence by visiting Dragonisi, which impresses with its crystal blue turquoise waters and the impressive rocks that create small underwater caves. The scenery is unprecedented, while the waters are magnetizing the visitor for a swim.

If the boat trip is daily, your luxury boat trip around Mykonos will give you the chance to enjoy the sunset at sea, upon your return.


If you have been wondering what to do in Mykonos, a luxury boat trip to Paros will surely be the highlight of your day.

Paros is one of the most popular destinations in the Cyclades. It is only 80 minutes boat tour away from Mykonos. This island is a very charming destination for tourists and locals.

The island of Paros is a special destination, ideal for any type of holiday. On this island of the Cyclades, natural beauty meets history and entertainment.

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On this boat trip we depart from Ornos in Mykonos to reach Paros island.

After about 80 minutes on our boat, we reach the northern side of Paros, at the famous city of Naoussa. In the past, Naoussa’s port was a den of pirates.

However, today, the entangled music from the bars and restaurants, young voices that want to experience all the life in one night, make up a live cinematic scenery that you hardly find anywhere else in the world. Above all, you can walk Naoussa’s picturesque alleys, visit the dominating harbor and the small castle called Kasteli. Let alone, Kastelli is a work of the Venetians, a large part of which is preserved until today, while just next to it there is the church of Agios Nikolaos, protector of sailors and fishermen. Until today, Naoussa has always had a significant number of fishing boats and local fishermen.

You can enjoy a coffee or a drink at the harbor or in the square below the towering eucalyptus.

Nearby, there is Kolymbithres, one of the most famous beaches of Paros. It is a beautiful and quiet sandy beach. Of particular interest, you will see the granite rocks which, due to the disintegration, have taken various irregular shapes, creating natural cavities filled with seawater, reminiscent of swimming pools.

A few minutes further, we find an equally charming beach, the beach of Monastery. Located in the western part of Naoussa bay. Monastery is one of the most famous and popular beaches in Paros. It has restaurants and bars, and if you want to swim in a quieter environment, you have the possibility to go to nearby natural coves with turquoise waters. Afterwards, you can enjoy drinks and snacks that we will offer you on board while you are sunbathing and relaxing. 

Of course there is the possibility, before departing for Mykonos, to taste the local cuisine in one of the timeless or contemporary restaurants in Naoussa. After that you will finish your luxury boat trip from Paros to Mykonos with the sunset ride back home.